Tic Disorders

Tic Disorders

What are Tic Disorders?

Many have experienced the occasional twitching of the eye when tired or consumption of excessive caffeine. This is a tic, a rapid muscle contraction. 

Symptoms of Tic Disorders

Tic disorders may be ‘simple’ tics that include repetitive muscle contractions that occur in various parts of the body, most commonly of the nose, eyes or mouth but also shoulders or arms. They can be a single movement or occur in combination with other movements. If combined with vocal tics, that is repetitive throat clearing, repeating words or phrases, you could have Tourettes. Tourettes frequently starts in childhood but can continue into adolescence and adulthood and can be uncomfortable and increase self consciousness in the school and work environment.

Treatments for Tic Disorders

Treatment may include Tic Reversal Treatment and exploration of the lifestyle situations that worsen tic frequency. Self identity and low self esteem can accompany long standing tic disorders as a result of experiencing one’s body having a ‘mind of it’s own”.