Psychotic Disorders

Psychotic Disorders

What are Psychotic Disorders?

Psychosis is a general term for changes in perception that can include hallucinations or odd or disorganized thinking patterns. This can occur during a severe depression or bipolar episode or as a symptom of schizophrenia.

Symptoms of Psychotic Disorders

Psychosis or psychotic symptoms can include perceptual distortions including hallucinations that can be auditory, visual or tactile. Delusions are certain ideas that are not consistent with reality and can be paranoid (believing others are against you), grandiose self ideas (believing you have special abilities or powers) as well as certainty in your beliefs that others control you or you can control others.

Treatments for Psychotic Disorders

Psychosis is often a frightening experience and medication is a critical component of treatment. A more thorough understanding of other biological and medical conditions that lead to psychosis is explored.   Educational and supportive treatment for both you and your family is quickly established with a goal of providing the most thorough diagnosis and care.