Depression Disorders

Depression Disorders

What is Depression Disorder?

Depression is one of the most common conditions leading to seeking psychiatric consultation. Mood changes can range from severe to mild and can be either sadness and/or irritability.

Symptoms of Depression Disorder

As depression intensifies it influences your sense of competence in life, either at school, work or relationships as your self esteem decreases. Depression typically decreases appetite and leads to difficulty sleeping, concentrating and can eventually lead to feelings of hopelessness and possible suicidal thoughts or attempts.

Treatments for Depression Disorder

After ensuring your safety and obtaining appropriate laboratory work, psychotherapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  CBT and an insight oriented approach, are at the forefront of treatment. As depression can affect self care, thoughtfulness of your nutrition including supplements as needed, exercise and other approaches to your lifestyle will be explored. Medication may be considered depending on the severity and your response to other aspects of your treatment.