Adjustment Disorders

Adjustment Disorders

What are Adjustment Disorders?

Adjustment disorders are temporary changes in how you feel. Your might feel more depressed or anxious or perhaps irritable and angry. Adjustment disorders occur after a serious and upsetting event such as a breakup or dealing with divorce, change in school or home, getting fired from a job or missing a hoped for promotion, an illness in yourself, friend or family, or a death or traumatic sexual event such as date rape or rape.

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorders

You might experience changes in your sleep and energy. Your concentration may be off perhaps because your thoughts are preoccupied with the event(s). Although you might still enjoy being with friends or family yet find it more difficult to motivate yourself for friends, school or work.

Psychiatric Treatments for Adjustment Disorders

The listening, talking, understanding and planning of therapy is the cornerstone of easing your distress following a deeply upsetting event. We might decide to meet more frequently initially to help you regain equilibrium and address specific strategies to minimize the impact of your emotional upset on your school or work performance and relationships. Relaxation techniques and mindfulness strategies as well as nutrition and restorative activities are frequently part of our initial discussion.