Child, Adolescent, Young Adult, Parental & Adult Psychiatrist

Are you or is your child seeking greater success at work or school, more peaceful and loving relationships, or knowledge of how to deal with certain life circumstances; or dealing with anything from anxiety, anger, bipolar, ADHD or psychosis? Whatever your personal situation, in your therapy my primary hope is to give you a safe haven to express your frustrations and confusion privately and openly.  And, as your therapist, I provide you with new tools to make real life changes so you ultimately can achieve will survive to a greater capacity for serenity, love and success in your life.

My Experience

I have extensive experience, education and training and am a Board Certified Adult, Adolescent & Child Psychiatrist, and a Board Certified Psychopharmacologist.  My advanced training in child and adolescent psychiatry has been critical to my work with individuals of all ages as I am well grounded in the life steps of development that lead to a full and successful life in relationships, professional development and the resiliency to meet challenges in your future.

I began in private practice 20+ years ago in MA.  I am recognized as a top Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (by doctors and psychologists).  And, I have extensive experience helping young adults, college and high school students through life transitions.  In addition and by a natural extension of treating children and adolescents, half of my work is treating parents and the entire family.  And, because I’m also Board Certified as an Adult Psychiatrist, I help many adults whether their family is in treatment with me or not.

Psychiatrist Services not Offered

My Psychiatrist Practice does not include the following:

  • Intellectual disability
  • Primary eating disorders
  • Primary substance abuse treatment
  • Custody or visitation evaluations or court testimony
  • Forensic evaluations
  • Disability evaluations