Psychiatric Approach

Psychiatric Approach

Approach as your Psychiatrist

Kim Gaitskill, MD is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist, and Child Psychiatrist helping families, adolescents and children.  Dr. Gaitskill also is one of the only psychiatrists with extensive experience helping college students and young adults through life transitions.  She began in private practice 20+ years ago and is recognized as the top Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and the preferred psychiatrist of college students seeking psychiatric therapy in the Amherst, MA area.

A Unique Psychiatrist’s Perspective

What makes Dr. Kim Gaitskill unique is that she believes an ‘empathetic connection’ should be central to effective therapeutic healing.  Dr. Gaitskill uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Integrative – Holistic Therapy psychiatry methods, depending on your needs and desires.  However, Dr. Gaitskill poses that so much of what is missing in health care is systematically replacing feeling with medication.  She believes different approaches to psychiatric treatment are tools that promote healing. The same kind of idea holds for all of medicine, but is less direct.  People respond to healers when they experience their healer really cares about them and understands them.

On the other hand, for people with biologically based mental illnesses and needs, it is just as harmful when psychiatrists do not have enough true expertise in diagnosis and therapeutic options.  Psychiatric treatment for so many people goes awry because their psychiatrist does not have the knowledge or rigor to make accurate diagnoses or choose the best treatment.  The strength of Dr. Kim Gaitskill’s psychiatry approach is her ability to be great at both aspects of healing – she has the scientific knowledge (as an MD with extended degrees in psychiatry) and depth of experience to be a great diagnostician and physician, but she is equally good at the personal aspects of being a healer.   Her professional competence is in part combining medical knowledge and wellness with caring, which allows you to do the work necessary for healing and wellness and find a path to greater peace and love in your life.