Kim Gaitskill, MD

Kim Gaitskill, MD

Kim Gaitskill, MD Bio

I work with children, tweens & teenagers and their families, college students & young adults, and adults whether a parent or not in psychotherapy and as a psychopharmacologist. I believe that an empathetic connection is central to effective healing at all ages and this begins with listening and collaborating.  Establishing a conversation that allows for exploration of your current concerns and aspirations for your future relationships, academic or professional and personal goals is the foundation for our connection. Moving forward is side by side and can include individual psychotherapy, thoughtful consideration of medication when appropriate, and lifestyle, dietary and mindfulness practices.

Kim Gaitskill, MD Training

My advanced training as a Board Certified Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist has been critical to my work with individuals of all ages as I am well grounded in the life stages of development that lead to a full and successful life in relationships, academics and professional development and the resiliency to meet challenges in your future.  This training, along with working with children, adolescents, young adults and their parents, and also being additional Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist, has given me deeper insight into real issues adults wish to overcome so they too can thrive and reach peace and fulfillment in their lives.

My depth of experience comes from my long-term psychotherapy practice as well as from my work at Amherst College Counseling Center, University of Massachusetts Center for Psychology Health public and private high schools, community health centers as well as hospitals, emergency rooms, day treatment and residential programs.

Kim Gaitskill, MD – Child & Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

If you seek a child, adolescent, young adult, college, parental or adult psychiatrist, I invite you to make an appointment.